Hollywood Sordid: Boreanaz Admits to Affair with Tiger Woods Mistress

It’s time to give it up for Rachel Uchitel, the club promoting gal Friday who seems to be “assisting” in the lives of so many married men.  Forget the rumors of A-Rod and many others, Rachel is confirmed to have been the central mistress matchmaker of, by, and, for Tiger Woods, which netted her a rumored $10M in hush money from the famed golfer, and, now, the delightfully old-fashioned Ms. Uchitel is the “other lady” in the David Boreanaz affair.

The Bones star publicly admitted his marital affair, which took place during his wife, Jaime Bergman’s pregnancy, after he claims that Uchitel, through omnipresent scorned-woman attorney, Gloria Allred, attempted to extort him for cash to keep the relationship under wraps.

These types of stories remind us one constant: Hollywood is a rough town!