How Many Times Did David Boreanaz Cheat on His Wife, Anyway?

How Many Times Did David Boreanaz Cheat on His Wife, Anyway?-photo

Sounds like David Boreanaz came down with a bad case of Tiger Woods Syndrome. Yesterday the Bones star shocked the world by admitting that he had cheated on his wife, Jaime Bergman, claiming that he'd come clean because the other woman had been demanding money on him. As has also been reported, Boreanaz allegedly carried on an affair with Rachel Uchitel—a/k/a, Mistress Number One in Tiger Woods' harem—while Bergman was pregnant with their child. (The couple welcomed a daughter, Bardot Vida, last August.)

Previously, for pretty obvious reasons, it was assumed that Uchitel—who reportedly netted $10 million from Woods under the counsel of celebrity attorney Gloria Allred—was the unnamed female who had been putting the squeeze on Boreanaz. But as TMZ reports, Uchitel adamantly denies that she has extorted anyone, and the cash-demanding mistress is actually another woman who's being repped by Allred.

Sounds like David has some explaining to do...

In the meantime, Uchitel is planning to give a press conference either Wednesday or Thursday to explain her side of the story—accompanied, we can only assume, by Allred. Better make some popcorn, this could get interesting...



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