Justin Bieber Disses Miley and the Jonas Brothers, Pretends to Be Nice About It

Who knew that Justin Bieber could be so catty?

The 16-year-old My World heartthrob recently spoke to Popstar! Magazine and lashed out at Disney artists Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers with a passive-aggressiveness well beyond his years. According to Bieber,

“I didn’t brand myself. You know how people sign to Disney and Hollywood Records, they have them, basically, they’re in a contract for so many years with Disney. They can’t do anything [else]…I think it’s harder. If I were to sign with Disney, people would say, ‘He’s a little cookie cutting,’ whatever. The Jonas Brothers, I’m not saying anything bad about them. They’re good, I like what they do and same with Miley, but all of their songs are about, like, ‘Everything’s perfect and everything’s good.'”

And just to rub it in, Bieber compared Miley and the JoBros’ efforts to his own, clearly superior work:

“On my album, there are songs about love and just having a good time, but there’s stuff on my album that’s about true life stuff like having my parents split up when I was really young. Just songs about real like that makes sense that teens can relate to. Not corny stuff.”

So…you’re not saying anything bad about Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, aside from the fact that their music is corny and they’re cookie-cutter products of a media empire? Way to claim the high ground while taking the low road, Biebs!

Nick Jonas may be the one gunning for a presidency, but it seems like Bieber is the one who has the politics thing down pat already.

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