New Tiger Woods Mistress Says He Used Racial Jokes to Seduce Her

Oh, Tiger Woods, you silver-tongued devil.

Yet another virtuous young damsel has come forward to claim illicit sexual relations with the golf great, and of course because we don’t know nearly enough about Woods’ mating habits at this point, she is sharing her story with the media.

Exotic dancer Cori Rist appears in the June issue of Vanity Fair to discuss her magical affair with Woods, which began when she met him in 2006. And how did Tiger sweep the impressionable young peeler off her feet? With racial jokes, of course! According to Rist, Woods hit on her with the following knee-slapper:

“What’s this?” he’d ask, rubbing the tips of his shoes together. “A black guy taking off his condom.”

Haw, haw! Maybe Woods should hook up with fellow philanderer Jesse James; he seems to have a similar penchant for racially-tinged yuks.

Despite his questionable pick-up techniques, Rist goes on to claim that sex with Woods was “passionate—fireworks,” with the only problem being that he’d tend to get a tad obsessive:

“He was very jealous, and from the moment I’d wake up, he’d be texting: ‘Who’s with you? Are you alone?’ It was almost like high school, when you call someone all the time.”

Sounds like she got off lucky; at least he didn’t text her threatening to slap her around and cannibalize her, like some of Woods’ other lucky ladies.