Always a Bridesmaid Meets Bride; Aniston v. Decker

If you’ve read an interview with Jennifer Aniston in, oh, the past five years, you know one thing for sure: she does not want you to feel sorry for her.

But, Jen, that is becoming ever so hard.  Forget all the publicist-fueled, empty rumors of her romances with her various cinematic leading men, forget the loss of her husband to the uber-sexpowerful, Angelina Jolie, forget her eliminating the ‘His’ sinks from her home’s master bathroom, the “just friends coming over” parties on Valentine’s Day each year, and even forget about The Bounty Hunter flop (if you can) — working on set with Brooklyn Decker has got to be near rock-bottom.

The gorgeous, lanky, Brooklyn Decker is striding the set sporting the monster engagement ring from tennis superstar, husband, Andy Roddick, and a body most women would commit murder to obtain.  Meanwhile, word has leaked out that Jen is attempting to shift body composition by adhering to a “baby food” diet, eating tons of the jarred infant food to detox her body.  Hmm, precisely the way to make men want you — you’re high maintenance and you require your meals spoon fed to you from Gerbers jars.

Score:  Brooklyn + 1.