Heidi Montag Upset Her Breasts Aren’t Freakishly Large, Plans For More Surgery

Even though her humongous fake breasts are already doomed to make her life miserable, Heidi Montag says she still wants bigger breasts.

According to Life and Style (via PopEater), Heidi was upset that her fake breasts weren’t at the freakishly large levels that she had dreamed of having. Spencer Pratt tells the magazine that Heidi wanted to “punch the doctor in the face.” Classy!

Heidi has already mentioned that her breasts are bumping up to the legal limit for breast implants in America, so she is now looking for a doctor in Europe to increase her bust.

Spencer says that Heidi was pushed over the edge by some comments that Ryan Seacrest made when she came on his show:

‘When Heidi entered the studio, Ryan told her that her breasts didn’t look that big to him, ‘Spencer, who was standing just a few feet from his wife at the time, says. Although Ryan’s comment was clearly meant to compliment Heidi and calm any preshow jitters she may have had before her early morning interview, his words took on a twisted meaning in her mind. ‘She was taken aback,’ Spencer says. ‘She came home in shock.’

Yes, because being told that you fake breasts don’t look freakishly large and unattractive is incredibly insulting.

Naturally, Heidi is planning on getting the surgery as part of a reality show she and Svengali husband Spencer are currently pitching to networks. It’s just further proof that Heidi is willing to destroy her body and become a living freak show to extend her fifteen minutes of fame.