Jay Leno Suggests Suspected Times Square Terrorist Is Team CoCo (VIDEO)

Apparently, Jay Leno didn’t think that his dreadful performance at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner was enough idiocy for one week.

Talk-show host Leno—who famously ousted Conan O’Brien from his time slot earlier this year—took a nasty shot at his late-night rival during his monologue last night, suggesting that Faisal Shahzad—the man accused of an attempted car-bombing in New York’s Times Square last weekend—was somehow aligned with O’Brien.

During his monologue, Leno threw a fake Facebook page for Shahzad up on the screen, predictably listing his “friends” as Osama bin Laden, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmanadinejad and—haw, haw!Danny Bonaduce. Leno then switched over to the “associations” portion of Shahzad’s fake page, where “Team CoCo”—the group of supporters who opposed O’Brien’s firing from The Tonight Show—was listed.

Nice; put a guy out of work, then associate him with suspected terrorists. Senator McCarthy would be proud, Jay. Check out the video below:

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