Joe Jonas Spotted Kissing (Gasp!) A Girl Who Isn't Demi Lovato (PHOTOS)

It's okay, everybody. Put down those pitchforks and torches, Joe Jonas is kissing a non-Demi Lovato girl for his TV show, Jonas.

Joe was snapped smooching co-star Chelsea Staub at the baggage claim in LAX as part of a scene for their show.

Do you think Demi minds that Joe kisses other girls for his work? We're sure she understands. It's all professional!

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  • sarah

    it would be a thousand times much better if joe dated this chelsea girl instead of demi lovato :S

  • music

    wonder what demi thinks of thsi

  • cacada

    I bet the scene is for their stupi tv show jonas

  • Joanna

    That's some real good acting. Demi shouldn't be jealous because I know that Joe is too decent a person to do that. There should be nothing to worry about. The kiss is only for the show...completely harmless!

  • germanxxannie

    wow. i didn't regognize her at all.

  • shofamalovatojonas

    nooooooooooooo, jemi is perfect couple !! but, it's just tv serial, not real !

  • zamantha

    Poor Demi! IF DEmi could be a guest star on JONAS, it will be cool if they kiss.

  • ZAmantha

    Poor Demi! yeah its just a tv show,i hope demi understand and Ewwww!!!!! Gross Chelsea!

  • Tanisha(TJ)

    its disgusting!I mean how could JOE smooch a girl whom he did'nt even know.but no one minds it a kiss done in the movie 'badmaash company".i dont mind bcoz he did it on his permission.its nun of my job.

  • jack!#

    joes hot i wonder if he is a good kisser xD

  • Mariah

    Its an passionate kiss!! Joe should date Chelsea. The END!!!

  • telegabi

    poor demi!!!! thank god it's just a tv show!!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    eeeeew !! Poor Chelsea ....

  • Susanna aka demz#1fan
    Susanna aka demz#1fan

    wat tis is mean imagine wat es he duz behind closd doors

  • Lorena Romero
    Lorena Romero

    aww cosa jajaja ntc es d amentis jajajajaja

  • Britini95

    I'm sure Demi understands.....but she seems like the jealous type to me. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE Demi. I dunno, she just seems like she gets jealous easily, and that is a pretty steamy kiss. But work is work, right?

  • DemigotTheguySowhyCanti

    Seriously.... he looks like a fantastic kisser. Just saying. And they're both really good actors, but why is Joe dressed so casually? I mean, is he allowed to look kind of scruffy these days? I mean, he doesn't shave as much, he's wearing glasses. He doesn't look so 'Disneyfied'! LOL

  • Jasmine

    Its seems waaaayy too passionate to be "acting". I think that Chelsea was not the only person to enjoy it.

  • Marcellis Sean Cutler
    Marcellis Sean Cutler

    I literally gasped when I saw this.

  • nony

    the second season seems much better than the first

  • Rebecca

    I'd like to see Demi make a guest appearance on Joe and his bros' show, JONAS! That would be extremely cool!