Kim Kardashian Feels The Wrath Of Jealous Justin Bieber Fans

Uh oh, it looks like Kim Kardashian is learning just how crazy some Justin Bieber fans can get when their sweet prince is caught flirting with another woman.

During the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last weekend Justin tweeted a picture of himself and Kim, jokingly referring to her as his “girlfriend.”

Dedicated Biebologists will know that the young pop star has been vocal about his school boy crush on Kim (along with pretty much any other older woman who comes near him). However, some fans don’t like the idea of Kim stealing their man.

Kim recently tweeted that she was feeling the wrath of some of Bieb’s jealous fans:

Seriously Biebs! @JustinBieber I’m getting death threats from your fans! This is unBeliebable!!!

Yikes! We guess Kim learned her lesson for getting photographed with a man who causes actual teen girl riots simply by tossing his swirly hair.

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