Lindsay Lohan Dresses Up As a Nun With a Gun (VIDEO)

Feast your eyes below, people, for this is a very rare sight: Lindsay Lohan actually approximating a woman of the cloth. Okay, a woman of the cloth who packs some serious heat, but even so, it’s pretty startling.

The trailer for Robert Rodriguez’s epic-to-be Machete (in theaters September 3) has washed up on the Internet’s shores, finally answering the age-old question: What would Lindsay Lohan look like as a nun with a gun? Wonder no more, people; wonder no more.

Besides unraveling this mystery, the trailer also features some sweet scenes from Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriguez and (yes!) Cheech Marin as a shotgun-wielding priest, as well as title-role star Danny Trejo going off with about a million knives.

How can you resist? Check out the video below: