Scarlett Johansson Falls Under The Spell Of Gwyneth Paltrow And Her Amazing Advice

We all know that hordes of women turn to Gwyneth Paltrow for her advice on things like cleanses and luxury hotels in Spain on GOOP, and now we know that Scarlett Johansson was taken under the spell of Gwyneth’s amazing advice.

Scarlett revealed that she and Gwyneth quickly bonded on the testosterone-heavy set of Iron Man 2 and that the two grew closer when Gwyneth gave Scarlett cooking tips.

From Showbiz Spy:

I had to cook more than normal, because I was working and eating in such a clean way, so [Gwyneth and I] shared tips on how to make things more delicious when they’re not that delicious.

In all honesty, it is nice to hear about two A-list actresses actually enjoying each other’s company on set rather than hearing rumors about cat fighting and jealousy.