The Always Classy Snooki Gets Into Yet Another Bar Brawl

The elegant girls of Jersey Shore have gotten into yet another bar brawl while filming the show’s second season in Miami.

Snooki and JWoWW attacked a blonde woman while at a club in Miami after she got a little too close to their holy VIP booth.

According to a witness, Snooki started to swing at the girl, grabbed her by the neck and screamed expletives at her.

JWoWW, not one to let a fight simply pass her by, started to attack the girl as well, causing the girl’s friends to pull JWoWW’s legs out from under her.

Sounds gruesome, and maybe just a little hilarious. Is it wrong that we find the fight description so funny?

Snooki has been a poof of terror on Miami, having already gotten into a previous brawl with a man a few weeks ago. Maybe she is tired of being the show’s (literal) punching bag and decided she was going to land a few punches this season?