BUZZINGS: Michelle McGee Blames Sandra Bullock For Affairs In Bid To Become Worst Person In The World

Michelle McGee took to her MySpace (what is this–2005?) to say that Sandra Bullock deserves blame for Jesse James’ affairs because she slept with 9 dogs in her bed. Well, we already knew she had a thing for dogs when she married Jesse. (PopEater)

Jennifer Lopez blames media attention for her failed relationship with Ben Affleck. And we’re sure filming a music video with him wasn’t courting at least some attention, right Jenny? (Wonderwall)

Jessica Simpson’s dentist is shocked that Jess doen’t brush her teeth because she thought “everyone brushed their teeth.” Yes, well, Jessica is a special snowflake who does things differently–even if it damages her health, so there! (Huffington Post)

• Oh look, it’s one of those rare occassions where Lindsay Lohan does something good: Linds is close to finishing her drug and alcohol classes and her progress has been praised by her judge. Hooray! (Starpusle)

• Should Cameron Diaz be wary of dating notorious lothario Alex Rodriquez? Or should she just be warry of dating a Yankee at all? (Hollywood Life)