David Boreanaz’s Wife Oddly Still Upset About His Infidelity

Wow; you sleep with one other woman (okay, maybe two) while your wife is pregnant with your child, and she never lets you live it down.

Jaime Bergman, the wife of Bones actor David Boreanaz—who admitted earlier this week that he’d had at least one affair while Bergman was carrying their daughter last year—tells People magazine that she’s still not over the whole thing, even a few days later:

“I’m not saying everything’s okay. I’m still angry. I’m still mad. I am still hurt.”

Man, talk about holding a grudge. But Bergman does see one positive aspect in her husband’s inability to stay faithful: It forced them to examine their goals as a couple more thoroughly. According to Bergman,

“It took a crisis, it took infidelity to get us off our asses and work for what we want. We do the best we can. That’s all we can do.”

Someone should tell Elin Nordegren that Tiger Woods was only trying to make their relationship stronger. Something tells us she didn’t think about that when she went ballistic on his SUV with a nine-iron last November.