Gene Simmons Wants to Ride Lady GaGa’s Weird Bedazzled Coattails

We’ve all seen Lady GaGa shoot sparks out of her nipples, but if she can learn to breathe fire she might have a whole new gig on her hands.

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has announced his desire to recruit the Pantless One into his venerable hard-rock combo. Says the Family Jewels patriarch,

“I love the vibe, the big mouth and the big visuals. She’s the most exciting thing to happen since us. She’s a female version of us.”

But it’s not just GaGa’s flamboyant stage presence that Simmons appreciates; her devotion to her audience is also a selling point:

“One of the first things we learned was to treat the audience as the guv’nor. When they buy a ticket they become your boss. We just work here. She realizes that her fans deserve the best you got because they pay your wages.”

Lady GaGa, smearing on the greasepaint and belting out “Detroit Rock City”—it’s an intriguing possibility. It’s just too bad that it’s unlikely to happen, since GaGa embraces the gay community and Simmons, um, totally doesn’t.

Anyway, let’s indulge in a little fantasizing, shall we? Do you think GaGa would make a good musical fit for Kiss? Sound off in the comments section!