Jeffrey Dean Morgan and His New Girlfriend Had a Surprise Baby

Surprise babies—they’re all the rage with celebrities this season! Mere days after Sandra Bullock dropped a bombshell on the world and announced that she’s adopted a baby on the sly months ago, Grey’s Anatomy dude Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his girlfriend, former One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton, have announced that they brought a child into the world months ago, without anybody’s knowledge.

The stealth birth is even more bizarre, given that the couple only let on that they were together on April 20, at the premiere for Morgan’s movie The Losers.

Wow, these two know how to keep a secret. Perhaps the CIA should consider enlisting their services. But don’t they know how much cash they missed out on by not selling the first baby pics to the highest tabloid bidder? Celebrity birthing: You’re doing it wrong, guys…

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