Jenna Jameson Explains Domestic Violence Charges Against Tito Ortiz

Former porn star Jenna Jameson caught a lot of flack when she said “uh, nevermind” to the domestic violence charges she filed against boyfriend Tito Ortiz, but now she is opening up about what actually happened leading up to her filing charges.

Jenna told Us Weekly that her injury was “an accident” but that it was a result of Tito’s “extremely violent” overreaction. However, Jenna says that Tito is “not a wife beater” and that he’s currently on ” a lot of medication.”

The way Jenna describes the events that led to her injury, the whole event sounds more like a messy misunderstanding rather than a case of domestic abuse, which is probably why Jenna withdrew her allegations against Tito (although it doesn’t explain why she filed them in the first place).

From Us Weekly (via Starpulse):

He came over near the bed and he whispered to me… ‘I hope it feels good to be high… I found your pills.’ I didn’t even really know what to say, it caught me by surprise and then I noticed he was packing his things and then I started to panic. I got up out of bed and I said, ‘I’m not on drugs, baby, I promise you. I swear to you on everything that I have,’ and he didn’t believe me.


I said, ‘Let’s go to the store, I’ll get a drug test and we’ll do it… Please don’t leave me.’ He was like, ‘It’s done, it’s over,’ and, as he said that, he moved past me and grabbed my arm and pushed me aside, and, by doing that, I fell against the edge of the bathtub. It did a bit of damage – I just bruised pretty bad from it (sic).

So, we guess Tito was telling the truth when he said he thought Jenna was on drugs? And Jenna was telling the truth when she said she was clean? So basically this was a big bunch of drama over a misunderstanding?

Even though it appears that the whole event was simply an accident, Jenna says that she isn’t sure she is going to reconcile with Tito and that she is currently focused on protecting her twin sons with Tito.