Justin Bieber Forced To Admit That He Isn’t Dating Kim Kardashian

After Kim Kardashian tweeted about receiving death threats from over zealous Justin Bieber fans, Biebs felt compelled to calm his fans down and admit the truth: he and Kim are not dating.

Yes, it might come as a shock to some of you that an underage pop sensation is not dating a female celebrity who is 13 years older than himself; but you see, Justin and Kim are just friends.

From Justin’s Twitter (via PopEater):

Ladies calm down. [Kardashian] is a friend. A very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 threats. Let’s all be friends and hang out often.

It doesn’t surprise us that some Bieber fans can go a little nuts when it comes to the Bieb (he’s caused how many teen riots? 50?) but we do sense some disappointment in Bieber’s tweet that he and the beautiful Kim are just friends. Not that we blame him for being sad about it.

What do you think about all the drama surrounding Justin and Kim? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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