Justin Bieber Forced To Admit That He Isn't Dating Kim Kardashian

Justin Bieber Forced To Admit That He Isn't Dating Kim Kardashian-photo

After Kim Kardashian tweeted about receiving death threats from over zealous Justin Bieber fans, Biebs felt compelled to calm his fans down and admit the truth: he and Kim are not dating.

Yes, it might come as a shock to some of you that an underage pop sensation is not dating a female celebrity who is 13 years older than himself; but you see, Justin and Kim are just friends.

From Justin's Twitter (via PopEater):

Ladies calm down. [Kardashian] is a friend. A very sexy friend but a friend. No need 4 threats. Let's all be friends and hang out often.

It doesn't surprise us that some Bieber fans can go a little nuts when it comes to the Bieb (he's caused how many teen riots? 50?) but we do sense some disappointment in Bieber's tweet that he and the beautiful Kim are just friends. Not that we blame him for being sad about it.

What do you think about all the drama surrounding Justin and Kim? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Taylor King
    Taylor King

    She is not he is like 18, but I do somewhat agree, I think it's stupid that she would get threats people being crazy over Justin Bieber is just crazy he is not cool to be honest I think he is just full of his self I am sure he was much nicer before he was famous I mean he is good at singing but he is one of those guys that I know if I met him I wouldn't like him he is just to... Fantasy.. I am cooler than everybody in the world I know Usher and Kim is my friend!! I just don't like him he is way to conceded. And if this celebuzz is reading this or has and they start something about it let them Justin Bieber is not all people make him out to be he is just a person, Not anything special I don't like him ,

  • Mammalicious

    WAT THE HECK PEOPLE!!! Even If JB and Kim were dating or liked each other so wat its their lives .. To the People hating on kim, Get over yourselves and grow up!! Get a life and leave both their lives alone.. Never hate on someone and u don't even know the true story..Words speak louder than actions!! KIM ur so beautiful!! & Justin ur CUTE!! Live on and forget about the people who don't even know wat they're on about!! Love yahz

  • kay aky
    kay aky

    woooooooooooow this is crazy people do need to get a life

  • LOLZ

    What the hell is wrong with him? Seriously bud u've had like 2 seconds of fame so far and now u think ur all that? I'm sorry but ur followers will soon grow up and be like wtf was i thinking? i waisted my time on this sh*t? He really showed how much of a little dick he was with that tweet too LMFAOOO

  • gigi

    First of all, Justin Bieber is FORCED to admit he isn't dating KIm???? FORCED???? JUstin Bieber that head of hair on your head is covering up your tiny wittle bWAIN. Just Friends??? WORST EXCUSE EVER!!! KIM U R SUCH A SLUT AND WHORE! Why don't you just make another SEX TApe! will ya?

  • someone

    KIm is a slut who doesn't have natural beauty. She's a whore covered in makeup who justin thinks is (sexy) get a life kim

  • Poppy

    they are ofc not going out first, it is illegal second kim said that she wants JB to go out with her sister... think about it

  • hellokitty grl
    hellokitty grl

    there is no need to fight kim and justin are just hanging out so the 10-12 year olds needs to chill about their death threats didnt you hear justin loves all his fans SO CHILLLLLLLLLL!

  • blaaaah

    I wouldn't care if they WERE dating( she might get a criminal offence for shagging a minor)...Bieber fans need to chill the f*ck out and get themselves some boyfriends instead of fantasising and creaming over Justin Bieber. JUS' SAYIN'


    i guess he has more hair and less brain......... they dont match eachother he is 16 and she is 29 wat a stupid couple....... WAT U WERE THINKING JUSTIN........!!!!!! SHE IS SO BIG DUDE LOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  • sky

    wtf this kid need to deflate his head. lol he may be big right now but in five years it will be "beiber who?" no way would kim date him. hello, rape. lol and doesnt she have the hot football player reggie that she is seeing on and half. right she would definitely dump him for justin ha funny.

  • pelumi

    i love u kim no matter wat.........

  • Angel :)
    Angel :)

    this is crazy. justin is a fifteen year old pretty boy. kim's a 20-something reality star. how can anyone believe they have a steamy romance going on? wouldn't that be like rape?

  • amber

    these gurls need to go out and get a life

  • georgeo

    And he's not black.

  • germanxxannie

    how can anyone consider justin bieber and Kim Kardashian being a couple without bursting out laughing? she's double his age! and he seriously answered the fans's comments?!