Lady GaGa on ‘American Idol’: The Full Uncut Awesomeness (VIDEO)

Silly American Idol producers; they should know that, when it comes to Lady GaGa, it’s all or nothing.

American Idol invited the Pantless One to gussy up their little singing-contest show on Wednesday night, which was a wise move, given this season’s less-than-thrilling nature. Unfortunately, due either to time constraints or concerns about decorum, GaGa’s performance of “Alejandro” was sliced to ribbons. Which didn’t sit well with the “Poker Face” singer, who immediately posted the full clip for her legions of fans to enjoy. As GaGa tweeted,

“here’s my full american idol performance ALEJANDRO. Fox chopped up my performance in 4 places. Real version on itunes.”

Check out the full, raw, juicy, unedited performance below:

Total improvement, or what? Render your verdict in the comments section!