MTV Might Be Encouraging Drama On ‘Jersey Shore’ In Today’s Most Obvious News Item

Shock of shocks: MTV might be encouraging drama and fighting on the Jersey Shore!

Pauly D is currently being sued by a man he punched in the face during a bar brawl in the first season of Jersey Shore and now that man’s lawyer is opening up to RadarOnline about MTV’s behind-the-scenes drama-making.

From RadarOnline:

If you go to the Jersey Shore on any given day in the summer you will see people reading, playing in the waves, walking on the boardwalk eating sausages and having a beer, but that’s not exciting enough for ratings, you need drama to perpetuate ratings and my client was used as a mere prop.

The allegedly assaulted man’s lawyer also says that although the show made it look like Pauly D was valiantly defending the honor of his pal Vinny, Pauly D actually just attacked the lawyer’s client while he was being held down by the club’s bouncers.

Is there any truth to the lawyer’s claims as to how the fight went down? Who knows. But it doesn’t surprise us at all that MTV encourages its reality show stars to create drama in order to increase ratings (cough, cough–The Hills–cough).

Have the Jersey Shore cast members realized that doing MTV’s bidding is not only getting them into legal trouble but also turning them into the biggest jokes in America? Of course not, they are still getting into bar brawls while filming their second season.