Smart Doctors Say Heidi Montag Might Have Mental Problems

We all know that Heidi Montag is a little zany, but could she actually be suffering from a mental disorder? After Spencer Pratt told Life and Style magazine that Heidi wanted to get bigger breast implants, people started to get concerned that the 23-year-old Hills star might not be right in the head. Of course, marrying Spencer would have been their first clue that she was loopy, but now doctors are getting involved.

PopEater spoke with several experts about Heidi’s seemingly never-ending desire to get more and more surgery (and more and more attention) and many of them agreed that Heidi has Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

From PopEater:

‘Heidi obviously has major self-image problems, which need the care of a psychiatrist, not a plastic surgeon. Any plastic surgeon she goes to next should seriously consider referring her to psychiatric care instead of picking up the scalpel,’ says Dr. Anthony Youn, a Michigan-based, board-certified plastic surgeon who has been featured on ‘Dr. 90210.’

‘She appears to be a candidate for Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a psychiatric condition where the person sees their body in a completely unrealistic way,’ says Dr. Youn. ‘What we see as massive breasts, she sees as small breasts.’

Having low self-esteem could explain why Heidi feels the need to belittle herself publicly in order to land on the cover of the tabloids. However, we still can’t explain why she ever married Spencer.

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