Snooki and JWoww Get Loco For Cinco de Mayo (PHOTOS)

You have to hand it to Snooki and JWoww: They don't mind stepping out of their guidette comfort zone in order to embrace other cultures. Especially when alcohol is involved.

The Jersey Shore charmers did up Miami to celebrate the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo on Wednesday, observing the day with all of the solemnity they could muster. Which is to say, none.

Sombreros? Check. Margaritas? Check. Girl-girl spit-swapping? Check. Gigantic novelty (we think) beer bottle? Oh, yeah. ¡Viva las guidettes!

Let's click through the photo gallery and celebrate their celebration, shall we?

And for even more fun-tastic pics of your favorite famous people, make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • Snookieisfat

    Leave that waiter alone...your batwing alone clearly indicates that you can't handle even one more calorie.

  • JerseyShoreBitchh*

    gorgeous paulyy d i love you hell muchh

  • JerseyShoreBitchh*

    they shouldd be a couplee (:

  • bobbiesimpson

    They're just practicing for when they get old and become the housewives of new jersey. They gotta do a lotta drinking and girl on girl!

  • Jenna

    Will someone in Miami please put these skanks out of their misery? Gawd Jersey sucks

  • katelovelife27

    ' MINE !!! "

  • lully


  • A

    [quote=Stanka Saskyova]attention whores ...... They are on a reality show. You're really shocked that they do things for attention?