Victoria Beckham Named World’s Most Glamorous Celeb, Makes Us Feel Sloppy

Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham was recently named the “World’s Most Glamorous Celebrity” by Max Factor cosmetics. Victoria beat out other stars like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox to win the title.

A spokesperson from Max Factor told Starpulse that Posh Spice won because she basically never let’s anyone see her without several pounds of make-up:

Victoria Beckham has been gracing the fashion pages for years now with her glamorous looks and she has designed her own clothes range. She never leaves home without being fully made up and her signature glossy pout has become her calling card. Her simple tailored clothes, along with her love of heels and elegant make-up, have made her a fashion icon and queen of glamour.

While we won’t deny that Victoria has a very sophisticated look, we have to say that she isn’t the first celebrity that comes to mind when we think of “glamour.”

If we had to pick the world’s most glam celeb, the most obvious choice would have to be RuPaul. Is there anyone who knows how to work it better than Ru?