Drake Gets Flashed By A Female Fan (VIDEO)

Ladies, take note: if you wish to flash Drake (a.k.a., Jimmy from Degrassi: The Next Generation) it is probably best not to do it while he is performing, since it will most likely offend his delicate sensibilities.

Now, we’re not saying that Drake is a prude, but the sudden flash of bare female breasts is a jarring sight for the rapper.

Why do we think this? A video recently surfaced on YouTube of Drake performing and getting flashed by a gyrating young woman.

Drake responded by yelling, “Oh my God!” and quickly moving to the other side of the stage. Meanwhile, his DJ and back-up band smiled and laughed at the young lady’s pluck (or maybe just Drake’s response).

We don’t doubt that Drake hasn’t seen a few female body parts in his day, but maybe his “OMG” reaction was just because he didn’t want to break his focus while performing.

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Watch the SFW video below.

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