Lea Michele Might Be A Not-So-‘Glee’ful Diva

Well, it looks like we guessed right on that Glee blind item.

Rumors are surfacing that Glee star Lea Michele is letting her newfound fame go to her head.

According to Daily Intel (via Dlisted), Lea got snotty with famous party photographer Patrick McMullan at the Time “Most Influential People” Gala on Monday night.

According to an eyewitness, Lea posed for photos for Patrick but brought out the diva attitude when Patrick dared to ask her for her name:

Patrick McMullan: What’s your name?

Lea: [Rolls eyes] Sarah Palin.

Patrick: [Laughs] No, really, tell me your name.

Lea: Taylor Swift.

Patrick: F**k you.


And to make matters worse, there are also rumors of Lea pissing off everyone on the Glee set. LimeLife reports that Lea “refuses to talk to junior staff” and directs all questions to her assistant on set.

Another source tells LimeLife that Lea was a notorious bully when she was in high school, even making one girl cry with her incessant name-calling.

It sounds like Lea is letting all of this fame go straight to her head. Hopefully she can eat some humble pie before a backlash starts to develop.

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