Lindsay Lohan’s New ‘Single’ Will Amaze Your Ears

Playing Linda Lovelace isn’t the only workout that Lindsay Lohan’s throat is getting these days. Somehow, between court appearances and clubbing sprees, LiLo has found the time to record an album, Spirit in the Dark, and a new song from the upcoming disc, “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop,” has been unleashed on the Internet so the public can brace itself for the awesomeness.

On the heartfelt, string-laden track, Lohan laments a lost love, and though she refers to the object of her affection with the male pronoun, we can’t help but wonder if the track will find a place on celebrity DJ/Lohan ex Samantha Ronson’s playlist.

Check out the track below and share your predictions in the comments: How long do you think it will take “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” to go platinum?