Adriana Lima Says Losing Baby Weight Is “Easy”, Infuriates New Moms

Hey, new mothers; having trouble getting back to your pre-birth weight? Well, Adriana Lima has no idea what your problem is, because the Victoria’s Secret stunner says it’s totally a breeze.

Lima, who welcomed daughter Valentina with her NBA-star husband Marco Jaric back in November, is already back in modeling form, and according to her it was a total snap! Check it out:

“Adriana Lima is back in supermodel shape just six months after giving birth to her daughter Valentina—and it was no trouble at all, she says.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Lima told Us Magazine at Thursday’s 3rd Annual Aerospace High Performance Championships in NYC. “It was easy.”

But wait; before you go grabbing the torches and pitchforks, Lima, 28, says she did work out a little to get her old figure back:

“Everyday. Often I come twice in one day! It can be anywhere from one hour to…two hours.”

Which is great news, for every woman with an infant who has the time to hit the gym twice a day. 

Next up in celebrity news, new moms across the country discover a new workout craze: Rushing to line up and kick Adriana Lima in her skinny little behind.