Orlando Bloom To Testify Against Fame-Hungry Teens Who Robbed Him

Well, this probably isn’t how the Bling Ring thought they would be meeting their favorite celebrities.

Orlando Bloom is gearing up to appear in court to testify against the infamous “Bling Ring,” a group of celebrity-obsessed Hollywood teens who robbed various celebrity’s homes last year.

Five people, three of whom are teenagers, were arrested in connection with the robbery at Bloom’s house. One of the people arrested is Alexis Neiers who currently stars in the so-bad-it’s-good reality show Pretty Wild.

The Bling Ring currently face felony burglary charges for robbing Bloom’s home where they allegedly stole $500,000 worth of artwork, watches, and other valuables.

Bloom isn’t the only celebrity who was targeted by the Bling Ring: celebrities like Paris Hilton and alleged thief Lindsay Lohan were also robbed. Although with Lohan, they might have just been taking back items she had stolen from the robbers, so who knows.

If convicted, the Alexis faces up to six years in prison.