10 of the Funniest Twitter Failure Celebrity Freakouts

As you might have noticed, somebody broke Twitter this morning. And during the time it took for the Twitter techs to fix a loophole allowing you to force anyone (even Justin Bieber!) to follow you, every user’s followers count was temporarily reduced to 0. Predictably, everyone freaked out, including your favorite celebrities. 

The result was a few wonderful moments in which confused celebrities were forced to confront the terrifying possibility that they no longer mattered, at least according to Twitter’s increasingly-important popularity metrics.

Check out some of our favorite reactions:

Demi Lovato: Apparently twitter is having a breakdown so I’ll tweet when it see’s a shrink.

Diddy: I feel so lonley!!!!! Lol :) come back soon. I can’t live without yall!!! :(  can somebody send me some followers pls lol :). Let’s go!!!,

Joe Jonas: Wait.. So this means I have to “talk” to my friends… :^/

Tori Spelling: OMG! NOOOO. Twitter says I have 0 followers! I think I just lost my heart into my toes…

Justin Bieber: hackers i send a warning…u have now pissed off over 2 million teenage girls. They are more dangerous than Navy Seals.

Sara Bareilles: Oh my gosh! Twitter’s been Hacked!!!!! CALL IRONMAN.

Mark Hoppus: People freak out more when twitter crashes than the stock market. Next up: Senate Hearings on the Great Crash of 2010.

Stacy Keibler: People are freaking out about Twitter followers going to zero. I look at it like this: Right now, I have just as many followers as @aplusk!

Kim Kardashian: Someone hacked my twitter account and direct messaged me! They have added over 200 new people! Ughhhh

Chris Brown: did someone hack my sh*t ??? it has deleted my followers and following

Oh, Chris Brown. Never change.

How did you react to today’s Twitter fail? Share it in the comment section!