Brooke Hogan Bikinis With Hulk and Her New Mommy (PHOTOS)

It’s so nice when family members can spend quality time together. Fresh from her 22nd birthday celebration (would it really surprise you to learn that she was born on Cinco de Mayo?), Brooke Hogan gathered with her father Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel in Miami on Saturday to do what she does best: Soak up some rays and generally look fabulous.

Isn’t it lovely how they all get along? And how Jennifer looks virtually identical to Brooke? And how she doesn’t feel at all self-conscious about walking around with her butt-crack exposed in the presence of her boyfriend’s daughter?

It’s just too bad that the Hulkster didn’t have an excuse to lovingly oil up Brooke’s backside this time, because that’s the only thing preventing this scene from achieving Norman Rockwell perfection.

Click through the photo gallery and prepare to be overcome by the waves of familial bliss.