Valentine’s Day DVD


From LOCATION, the DESCRIPTION NAME was awarded a part in the star-studded film, Valentine’s Day! With the DVD coming out on May 18, FIRSTNAME is spilling the secrets of HISHER on-set experiences. FIRSTNAME said HESHE had always dreamed of making it on the big screen and the opportunity to star amongst the likes of Taylor Swift, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, and Ashton Kutcher was a dream come true…times 100! “It was really unbelievable and just the most amazing experience to meet all of these stars in person!” stated FIRSTNAME.

FIRSTNAME has been a struggling actor since HISHER days as a youngster growing up in HOMETOWN. The first thing HESHE did when HESHE got on-set was to take pictures with each of HISHER famous co-stars and then pulled out HISHER sharpie to get autographs of the movie poster because HESHE just couldn’t believe HESHE was on there with Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner. So what’s the secret scoop HESHE wants all of HISHER Facebook friends to know? “Ashton is a total sweetheart, Taylor Lautner’s abs are really that hot and Queen Latifah is my new idol!”

If you want to see it for yourself, check out the DVD on May 18 for hilarious outtakes, deleted scenes, and Valentine’s Day confessions from the cast. NAME says “This was the highlight of my life, meeting all of these stars and working with such an amazing cast and crew!”

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