Betty White’s Online Supporters Drunk on Power, Demand She Host the Oscars Next

We’re witnessing the birth of a full-blown revolution here, people.

Just days after Betty White hosted Saturday Night Live after the Facebook community forced SNL brass to comply, an online petition has now popped up to land the 88-year-old former Golden Girls star the hosting gig at next year’s Oscars.

The Facebook page Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards has already garnered more than 18,000 likes, and the zealotry of the page’s commenters is evident in their fervent missives:

“She would be absolutely perfect!”

“This would be FANTASTIC!!!!!”

“Great choice!!!”

“I would hit it.”

Time will tell if the Academy bows to the online community’s demands. But really, why stop there? Why not draft White for a Presidential run in 2012? It would certainly be refreshing to have a leader who could settle international disputes with a round of beer pong rather than saber-rattling, wouldn’t it?