Britney Spears Has A Gay Ol' Time After Mother's Day (PHOTOS)

Britney Spears isn't a gay icon for nothing. The pop star was spotted lunching at famed West Hollywood gay bar, The Abbey, on the day after Mother's Day. That just goes to show you that Britney is more than comfortable to hang out with her gay fans.

After some gay bar lunching, Britney went on a shopping trip around Robertson Blvd. in Los Angeles. Maybe Britney didn't get exactly what she was hoping for for Mother's Day so she decided to go out and buy herself some presents?

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  • icantbelievetheydidthat

    whack style.. at least she's wearing a bra this time

  • Catta

    Love homosexual people but same sex-sex is not natural also morally and Spiritually wrong!.

  • brenda jones
    brenda jones

    she might be pregnant again?


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