Donald Trump Demands You Enjoy These Racy Miss USA Pics (PHOTOS)

Uh-oh, looks like the Miss USA pageant is stirring up controversy once again, before it’s even begun.

The Miss USA organization sent shock waves throughout the Internet on Monday when they posted the official publicity photos of this year’s contestants on its Web site, and—gasp!—they turned out to be a little bit sexy. Which is crazy, right? That’s not the message that the Miss USA contest should be sending to the rest of the world! They should be creating the impression that this country is populated by female lepers, that way people would stop trying so hard to get in here illegally.

But don’t tell that to Mis USA honcho Donald Trump, who feels that the pictures are just fine:

“I didn’t pick out the costumes, but I did say that I think it’s actually beautiful, I think the pictures are beautiful. The girls are magnificent and that’s why we get such high ratings.”

Oh, that Donald; always thinking of the bottom line.

But who are you going to believe: Trump, or your own lying eyes? In the interest of journalistic inquiry, we present the controversial images in our photo gallery so you can judge for yourself. You’re welcome.