Elisabeth Hasselbeck Lied About Apologizing to Erin Andrews

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Lied About Apologizing to Erin Andrews-photo

We should have known that it was impossible for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to ever apologize for her hurtful words.

The cantankerous View cohost ignited a media firestorm last week when she trashed ESPN reporter and Dancing With the Stars contestant Erin Andrews' choice of dress for the dance competition, suggesting that Andrews' recently convicted stalker, who posted a nude photo of her on the Internet after peeping through her hotel-door peephole, could have just watched the show and saved himself some prison time.

Caught in the backlash of public opinion, Hasselbeck went on her show the next day and claimed that she'd made good with Andrews, calling her to apologize. According to Hasselbeck, she was prompted to make the call by her five-year-old daughter, Grace Elisabeth:

“So, thankfully, I listened to her — she’s a wise little girl — and I did. So, I’m really sorry, and I wanted to offer that publicly too, even though I did follow that advice."

Well, here's a big, fat surprise: Andrews now says that such a phone call never happened

"I didn't speak with her, no. I never talked to her."

Andrews says that, despite the initial insult and follow-up falsehood, she's "dealt with" Hasselbeck's remarks:

"I'm moving on. I'm tired of talking about it. It's a new week."

Well, at least there's one person of class in this whole sordid tale. But the rest of the nation might not be as quick to forgive Hasselbeck as Andrews is. Insulting a stalking victim, then lying about issuing an apology, and hiding behind your five-year-old in the process? There's a word for people like that, and unfortunately we're not at liberty to use that word in a family-oriented blog such as this.

But don't let that stop you from voicing your opinions in the comments section, readers: What do you think of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's campaign of malice and lies?



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  • Cancel The View!
    Cancel The View!

    I hate "The View" with a passion. This is one reason why. Joy, Barbara & this moron Elisabeth will say anything just to hear the sound of their own voices. Erin has taken the high road by only setting the record straight & refusing to engage in a firestorm with Hasselbeck.

  • Kathy

    and now andrews has said that elisabeth did actually call her to apologize. anyone else starting to think andrews is loving all of this attention? no I don't think the victim of a sexual stalker is "loving all this attention". I think the media took Erin's quote " I haven't spoken to her" and made it into " Elizabeth never called". Sounds like Elizabeth called but didn't speak to Erin.

  • Kim

    Why should any of this shock us Hasselbeck is the MOST uptight right winged woman I have ever seen of her generation. She is against abortion and then insults and lies well now that is someone I want women listening to NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The view really needs to think about her leaving and maybe more women in their 40's would watch

  • k.t.

    and now andrews has said that elisabeth did actually call her to apologize. anyone else starting to think andrews is loving all of this attention?

  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    Hassel-head has shown herself to be a conservative loudmouth time and again on "The View." That she straight-up lied to her audience should come as no shock. It's how those people do.