Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Hold Up ‘Breaking Dawn’, May Get the Lefevre Treatment

Forget about the hubbub over whether Breaking Dawn will be broken into two movies—the real question is, will Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene be in it?

Lutz and Greene—who play Emmett and Alice Cullen, respectively—are reportedly holding out for a bigger payday to appear in the Twilight series finale, which in turn threatens to hold up production for the flick, which is tentatively scheduled to begin this fall.

It’s a risky gambit for the pair. Sure, the series’ stars, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, scored a substantial pay bump after the success of Twilight, but the operative phrase in the above sentence is “the series’ stars.” Emmett and Alice aren’t exactly pivotal characters in Breaking Dawn, with Alice, in particular, receiving considerably less screen time than in previous installments.

And Summit Entertainment isn’t shy about treating its Twilight actors as expendable—just ask Rachelle Lefevre, who was unceremoniously dumped from the role of Victoria for the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse due to a scheduling conflict. If Lutz and Greene force their hand too much, they could find their lives sucking to a degree that would be unusual even for vampires.

Are Kellan and Ashley being foolhardy, or do they deserve a little extra cash for their efforts? And if Summit decides to find a new Emmett and Alice, who do you think would be good replacements? Share your thoughts in the comments section.