Miley Cyrus Gives Lapdances to Her Producers Now (VIDEO)

For someone of such a tender age, Miley Cyrus certainly ha a keen understanding of how to get ahead in show business.

According to Radar Online, the 17-year-old Hannah Montana star was videotaped giving a lapdance to The Last Song producer Adam Shankman at the wrap party of their movie, as preteens and parents alike looked on horrified. Says a source,

“The video was taken about seven months ago at a wrap party for The Last Song. The worst part is that there were little kids at the party and the dancing between Miley and Adam was so dirty that some of the parents actually left the party and took their kids home.”

In one clip from the video, Shankman—who’s openly gay—grinds against Cyrus’ backside, with the underage teen queen grinding right back, then opening her shirt to give Shankman a little peek as she dances teasingly for him.

Another clip allegedly features Cyrus giving Shankman a full-on lapdance, as children as young as 10 sat mere feet away.

The videotape is currently being shopped around to the highest bidder, so check those couch cushions for spare change.

Check out a preview of the video via TMZ below: