Paris Hilton Wants To Punch Dog-Fighting Fans In The Face

Paris Hilton Wants To Punch Dog-Fighting Fans In The Face-photo

Dog-fighting lovers better watch out because Paris Hilton is bringing out her fists of fury for them.

Noted dog lover Paris is appearing on the Dr. Phil show today for a special dog adoption episode and RadarOnline snagged a preview clip of the show.

The wisp-thin Paris was dragged out to the show by a pair of cute cocker spaniels (apparently Paris isn't really accustomed to walking dogs weighing more than 3 pounds) who Paris is trying to help find a good home.

Earlier in the show, Dr. Phil spoke to a dog-fighting advocate who said that he doesn't think dog-fighting should be considered a crime and that he views it more as a "sport." Naturally, dog-lover Paris had some strong words for this man:

I kinda want to punch him in the face. I think it’s disgusting and it’s wrong I don’t know how anyone can hurt an animal. I think people who do that are very sick in the head.

All dog-fighting lovers should feel ashamed, not just because dog-fighting is disgusting and cruel, but also because their intelligence and mental state was dissed by Paris.



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  • jen

    For once, I actually respect her. Thats the thing about haters, just cause shes not the best role model, doesn't mean she doesn't diserve praises for this kind of stuff.

  • spiniton

    I think this is the first time in my LIFE that I will ever agree with paris hilton. All dog fighters should be thrown into the same ring and mauled by those poor animals. Yeah, Michael Vick, I'm talking about you, you sicko.

  • moonlightdeceptions

    yay go paris...for once I've always admried her love of animals :)