BUZZINGS: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Want $4 Million Each for Breaking Dawn

BUZZINGS: Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene Want $4 Million Each for Breaking Dawn-photo
  • Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are demanding $4 million each to appear in Breaking Dawn. Which, considering that vampires are immortal and factoring in inflation, isn't really that unreasonable. (Socialite Life)

  • Good: Jennifer Love Hewitt has joined the Mile High Club. Meh: On a TV show. Ewww: With Heroes' Greg Grunberg. (PopEater)

  • Kate Hudson is the new face of Almay. Will have to juggle that with her duties as the current face of serial dating. (Hollywood Life)

  • Gwen Stefani might be pregnant. Or she might just have indigestion. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. (Starpulse)

  • Rihanna tries and fails to moonwalk in concert. She should probably stick to simpler Michael Jackson moves, like the crotch-grab. Yeah, definitely the crotch-grab. (Wonderwall)


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  • Sweetcourts

    I totally lose respect for actors when they start getting greedy like this... I say get rid of them and then they won't get any money... they are not the main people anyway, they can be replaced, then see how greedy they are when they aren't getting paid anything...

  • regans

    Yeah but let's be reasonable. They have as much screen time as Julia Roberts did in Valentine's Day and she was paid, reportedly, 2 million, right? And really? They're no where near a place in their careers where they can "demand" anything, Twilight or no Twilight.

  • lully

    i hope they will get what they want because i don't want to lose them like victoria..

  • sydsouth

    * ....yeah, I don't really think they actually DEMAND anything!!*