BUZZINGS: ‘Newsweek’ About To Feel Wrath Of Millions Of Pissed Off ‘Glee’ Fans

Glee creator Ryan Murphy calls for a boycott of Newsweek after they published a homophobic article. We thought that magazine folded months ago, so basically, just continue doing what you already do and don’t buy Newsweek. (PopEater)

Larry King’s divorce nightmare is over and he has returned to his home with his wife. Meanwhile, our nightmares of Larry having sex with women will last us a lifetime. Thanks Larry! (Wonderwall)

• Adulteress Michelle McGee won a celebrity boxing match at some bar in Philadelphia. Luckily, this means that her cycle of notoriety is now complete and she can return to the sleazy strip club from whence she came. (Starpulse)

Jenny McCarthy tweeted that she doesn’t know the name of the man she was caught smooching at a club in Las Vegas. However, if he dares to vaccinate his children against diseases she will be more than willing to rip his head off. (Celebslam)

Jillian Michaels thinks professionally hot women Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce are hot. Wow, it’s like she has eyes or something. (HollywoodLife)

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