Is Paris Hilton In A ‘Glee’ful Romance With Mark Salling?

It looks like Paris Hilton is wasting no time being heartbroken over her recent split from Doug Reinhardt.

The hotel heiress was recently spotted getting canoodle-y with Glee’s Mark Salling at a nightclub in Los Angeles.

According to The National Enquirer (which is always 100% true and accurate, all the time) Paris and Mark have known each other for a few months and have been sending each other flirtatious emails for some time.

What does Paris see in Mark, other than the fact that he is gorgeous and insanely talented? According to a source, she reportedly admires the fact that he is an “up-by-the-bootstraps kind of guy” as opposed to her spoiled ex Doug who is the heir to a frozen burrito fortune.

However, the source spills that Paris might see a little something else in Mark other than his pluck and handsomeness:

Mark has agreed to help Paris land a guest spot on Glee.

For someone who reportedly broke up with her ex-boyfriend for “using” her to get famous, you’d think Paris would be a little bit more discreet when calling in favors from her suitors.