MIA Disses Justin Bieber’s New Video, Has A Death Wish

After insulting Lady Gaga and Twilight, outspoken pop star MIA raising eyebrows again by insulting the only thing that is important in this world, Justin Bieber.

MIA spoke with NME magazine about her controversial ginger genocide music video for “Born Free,” and mentioned that she finds the Biebs to be more offensive than anything she’s ever done.

From NME (via Oh No They Didn’t!):

If I’m honest, I find the new Justin Bieber video… more of an assault to my eyes and senses than what I’ve made.

Yikes! MIA does realize that she is baiting the wrath of millions of Bieber fans, right?

These are the same fans that have been causing riots with a flip of his bangs and sending death threats to Kim Kardashian for taking a photo next to their dear Biebs. MIA is tough, but we don’t think she wants to mess with millions of angsty tweens.

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