Sean Penn Cops a Plea in Pap Attack, Gets Three Years Probation

Sean Penn will have to be on his best behavior for the next three years.

The notoriously volatile actor has copped a plea in the criminal case against him, stemming from an incident last October during which Penn allegedly attacked a photographer, kicking him and breaking his camera.

Penn was originally charged with battery and misdemeanor vandalism by Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, but in exchange for the plea—which Penn entered on Wednesday morning—the battery charge was dismissed.

Which doesn’t mean that Penn is off the hook entirely. The Milk star received three years’ probation, and has been sentenced to perform 300 hours of community service. The judge told the actor that his ongoing work for his Haitian relief organization can count toward his community service.

In addition, Penn will have to attend 36 hours of anger management classes, which can be completed through a private therapist. Maybe Chris Brown can recommend a good shrink to him.

Did Penn get off too easy, or do you think his sentence is appropriate? Feel free to play armchair judge in the comments section. You might want to examine Exhibit A first in the video below: