BUZZINGS: Jerry Seinfeld Donates To Nashville

• Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is donating all of the proceeds from his upcoming show in Nashville to the city’s flood relief efforts. This good deed definetly makes up for The Marriage Ref. (PopEater)

• Newsflash: the only thing that we “regular” people have in common with celebrities is that we are both technically human, and even that seems debatable sometimes. (Wonderwall)

• Speaking of possible non-humans: Ashton Kutcher calls his wife Demi Moore a “genetic freak.” Oh man, we totally knew she was a cyborg. (Starpulse)

Today show host Matt Lauer may be cheating on his wife. That’s it, we officially declare 2010 to be the Year of Boneheads Cheating (LimeLife)

Cameron Diaz is banned from Yankee lover Alex Rodriguez’s games. Maybe because there is nothing that kills the mood faster than a Yankee game (go Mets!). (Hollywood Life)