Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson! (PHOTOS)

Every good Twi-hard knows that the World’s Sexiest Vampire, Robert Pattinson, turns 24 today, and we just couldn’t let the occasion pass without extending our well-wishes.

As one of the first sites to recognize how very special R-Pattz is, way back at the 2008 Video Music Awards, Celebuzz has watched in delight as Pattinson has blossomed from a promising actor and heartthrob-in-training into a full-blown sex symbol who no doubt has many years of thrilling audiences on the big screen ahead of him. 

But just because it’s Rob’s birthday doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t celebrate too. In honor of the occasion, we present a pictorial review of the Twilight star’s finest (in every sense of the word) moments. So close your eyes, blow out the candles, and dive into our photo tribute to Robert Pattinson. And don’t forget to wish Rob a happy birthday in the comments section.

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