Internet Push For 'Modern Family' Gay Kiss Sparks Controversy

Internet Push For 'Modern Family' Gay Kiss Sparks Controversy-photo

As Facebook continues to pat itself on the back for getting Betty White on Saturday Night Live, new campaigns have popped up on the social networking site to try to sway the decisions of executives in Hollywood.

The newest campaign? Getting Modern Family gay couple Cameron (played by Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) to kiss on-screen.

The group, "Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family!" already has nearly 9,000 members and is trying to push to get the gay couple to share "even a brief kiss."

While TV networks have slightly opened their doors to gay characters, showing affection between two gay characters has been a contentious issue. Gay couples sharing more than a hug is a rare sight on television.

Smelling Betty White-levels of attention, the producers for Modern Family responded that they already have a show planned that will explain the lack of on-screen affection between Cam and Mitchell and told the group members to "chillax," which angered the group leaders even more.

The creator of the Facebook group said that he hoped he was "incorrect in reading ['chillax'] as a request to STFU" and that he "started the group because the lack of kissing was starting to become glaring."

Perhaps what angered the group creator was that while the producers explained that the lack of affection will be based on a character trait, they don't clarify if that character trait was developed because they don't want to turn-off people who bizarrely find pecks between two gay men "offensive."

Do you think Cam and Mitchell should be allowed to kiss? Or do you think it would ruin the show? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • Girl from Ontario
    Girl from Ontario

    In my opinion, being pro-gay is being pro-family. There are many loving gay families out there, and television should reflect that. People will live their lives in the way that makes sense to them and makes them happy; there is nothing anti-conservative, or anti-God about that.

  • Ross Calder
    Ross Calder

    A gay kissing scene is sick and disgusting. I will not watch the epsiode and expect millions of God-fearing people like myself will also be offended and refuse to see it.

  • pattinson

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  • idontgetit

    has anyone watched grey's anatomy? same network, almost the same time slot - callie and arizona kiss all the time, what's the big deal?

  • Grimace

    I'm getting tired of the whole conservative agenda. I don't see why the right-wing commentators constantly feel the need to push their anti-gay comments and views. There are still progressive, open-minded people left in the USA, and it's getting very hard for us to find blogs in which we can identify.

  • LuLu

    Just like with Ellen's show....I think many would stop watching if that happens. This way, they're gay in a sweet way

  • ali

    I think it will be the "jump the shark" moment for the series if they push gay sexuality. this is a family show. and it portrays a gay couple as loving and natural as parents as straight people. you don't see the straight people emphasizing the sexual aspect of their relationships. they shouldn't emphasize the sexual aspect of the gay couples relationship either. it would be eventual death for the series.

  • basementcat

    I'm guessing that most people who already watch the show aren't the type to get upset by a brief kiss between two men. I don't see what the big deal is.

  • Ronald McDonald
    Ronald McDonald

    I'm getting tired of the whole gay agenda. I don't see why the liberal media constantly feels the need to push pro-gay articles and shows. There are still conservative people left in the USA, and it's getting very hard for us to find shows with which we can identify.