Lindsay Lohan Won’t Be Going To Cannes Any Time Soon

Has Lindsay Lohan’s life become a never-ending barrage of insults?

After allegedly getting called a poser “loser” by none other than Avril Lavigne, Lindsay was hoping that she could take a break from Hollywood by spending some time at the star-studded Cannes film festival. Unfortunately, no one wants to invite her along.

According to the New York Post, Lindsay was hoping that she could catch a free ride to the film festival where she hoped to wrangle money for her new Linda Lovelace biopic, Inferno. Unfortunately, no one wanted to pony up the cash to bankroll Lindsay’s little French business trip.

So, now what is Lindsay to do? If she wants to go to Cannes, she’s going to have to go on her own dime. Good luck finding a decent hotel room now, Lindsay.

Surely there are some wealthy Hollywood types left who are willing to pay for Lindsay’s partying in Cannes. Any takers?