Ashton Kutcher Sides With Team Miley in Lapdance-Gate

Ashton Kutcher wants you to know: He fully supports the right of underage girls to grind against middle-aged dudes’ crotches.

The former That ’70s Show actor has finally weighed in on the Great Miley Cyrus Lapdance Debate, spurred by the moral finger-wagging of CNN personality Rick Sanchez. During a televised segment, Sanchez wondered about the appropriateness of a then-16-year-old Cyrus giving her 44-year-old producer Adam Shankman a lapdance during the wrap party for The Last Song, positing,

“Could I just speak for a moment as a father and as someone who has an eight-year-old?…That’s troublesome. And just the physicality of it alone and the fact that she’s 16-years-old. And this isn’t posing for a Hollywood magazine or a picture, because we understand that when you get into that arena, you got to play along with that game kind of thing. I am troubled viewing that.”

Well, that was enough to send Kutcher running to his Twitter account in defense of the tween queen’s lascivious gyrations. Kutcher shot back at Sanchez,

“ur [sic] comments on Miley R completely unwarranted. She’s 17. What is this the movie Footloose? judgment is unbecoming…I think it’s important to think about the context of the event she was at. It’s not like she was at a club w/ some stranger.”

Totally; if a teenage girl is going to crotch-grind with a man in his 40s, it should be someone she knows. Though, we’re guessing that being known as Demi Moore’s boy-toy for so many years hasw made him extra-sensitive to such issues.

Who do you side with in this riveting debate: Sanchez or Kutcher? Let us know in the comments section!