BUZZINGS: Gisele Bundchen Makes $25 Million A Year For Being Hot

Forbes reports that Gisele Bundchen is the highest paid model in the world. Right at this moment Naomi Campbell is angrily clutching a phone and aiming for Gisele’s head. (Wonderwall)

• An ex-Scientologist claims that Tom Cruise is arrogant and abusing his power within the Church of Scientology. Gee, it’s like he’s a famous movie star or something. (PopEater)

• Jailed rapper Lil Wayne got in some trouble this week when he was caught with an illegal MP3 player in jail. Are you telling us that famous people can’t get a few perks in jail? (LimeLife)

• While most celebrities abide by PETA’s wishes when they get called out for wearing fur, singer Kelis basically told the animal rights organization to STFU. (Dlisted)

• Are you into leather? Well, if you are, here are some pictures of Shauna Sand and some porn star friend in bikinis. (The Superficial)