Courtney Love Boards the Meltdown Express at Heathrow Airport

Caution: Courtney Love’s mood may shift during air travel.

The Widow Cobain was spotted throwing a major hissy-fit during a recent flight from London’s Heathrow Airport, during which the Hole ma’am ranted about everything from her clothing accessories to her Kindle.

The fun began in the airport itself, where Love reportedly went on a last-minute repacking spree, littering the floor with her content’s luggage and haranguing her assistant at the top of her lungs: 

“I told you already to get rid of that f*cking Burberry scarf. I’m keeping the Chloe.”

The entertainment continued during the eight-hour flight, during which Love’s fellow passengers were treated to a nonstop barrage of ranting. The highlight of which was probably when Love, seated in first-class, bellowed at her assistant in coach,

“Why are you just sitting there? What are you doing about my Kindle? I need a charger cable for my Kindle.”

No, Courtney; what you really need is to download a copy of How to Make Friends and Influence People onto the gadget.

But the most shocking part of the story? After all this time, there are still people out there willing to take a job as Courtney Love’s assistant. The job market must be tougher than we thought…